Top Golf Related Instagram Pages to Follow (Part 1)

By: TradeIn and Nightputter

We are relatively new to the Instagram world, and boy have we been missing out. When we had the idea for @Back9Rally, I don’t think we were ready for the sheer volume of golf nerds on “The Instagram” (that’s a Dad-ism for the kids out there).

What does this mean for the game of golf??? That remains to be seen, but it is comforting to know that there are a lot of people that are passionate about Golf (although it makes it a crowded marketplace and therefore harder to get free shit🤣🤣🤣).

Here are some of our favorite golf-related Instagram accounts, not in any particular order… Of course, we withdrew @Back9Rally from consideration, but we think we are a pretty strong newcomer at least for the Golfing Dads who like craft beer and want to play more golf without pissing off their family demographic…

Some of our Favorites Here, but this list is not exhaustive, Part 2 for more golf obsessed pages to come at a later date:

1) SkratchTV @skratchtv

I didn’t know this, but SkratchTV is owned by the PGA Tour, and was created to appeal to a younger demographic. The channel creates mostly video content that is funny, creative and really well done. Here is one of our favorite videos:

SkratchTV Club Drop Mix

2. Erik Anders Lang @erikanderslang

“The Most Interesting Man in Golf,” as some have referred to him is a golf-obsessed world traveler. He finds really unique golf stories and makes spectacular videos to tell the stories in “Adventures in Golf.” I don’t know when this dude sleeps, and how he gets to bring his dog snowball everywhere, but man he is living a golf nerds dream. Check out his podcast too for some great interviews. Here’s my favorite episode of AIG (my life goal is to get to Askernish).

Adventures in Golf- Scotland

3. The Buttsy @the_buttsy

Yes, you read that right… The Buttsy… the self-proclaimed amateur professional golfer, semi-pro comedian, plus-sized model and influencer is a NSFW golf version of the Truman Show. Plays a lot of sweet golf courses and drinks “Coors Lattes” on the course. Should you follow him? “Absuhf&$!?inlutley!”

5. Colorado Golf Blog @coloradogolfblog

I don’t know who these guys are, but they post a lot of funny videos and are automatically cool because they live in Colorado… Solid follow.

6. Foreplay Pod @foreplaypod

Everyone loves Barstool, so you can’t leave these guys out of the mix… Mostly funny golf-related videos that drive traffic to their podcast. They are also able to get media access to events like the US Open and Ryder Cup due to their Barstool cred. They are certainly doing their part to attract a younger audience and #growthegame.

7. PGA Memes @pgamemes

Best source of golf/related memes. This page can be brutal and NSFW at times, but man is it funny… not sure what is going on with their page right now as it seems to be disappearing and reappearing, perhaps having some issues with the lawyers down in Ponte Vedra…

8. Club Pro Guy @clubproguy

CPG is a parody of a golf pro and Mexican Mini-Tour legend. Although he seems to be more active on Twitter, he is a must follow. His weekly pressers after men’s league are fantastic, but usually on Twitter. NSFW at some points especially if his better half, Tawny is involved.

9. No Laying Up @nolayingup

NLU is best known for the hashtag #toursauce, which consists of club twirls, club drops, spotter signs for wayward tee shots and all of the other nuanced behaviors of PGA Tour players. Mostly content regarding professional golf, but they also write, vlog, and talk (podcast) about a myriad of topics in the game of golf. Apparently they need work on their promotional trailers according to Peter Kessler (see recent bizarre twitter beef). NLU crew is a must follow.

NLU Scotland Trailer

Thanks for reading this, you’re probably one of a select few to reach the bottom of this page 🤣🤣🤣 .

Part 2 coming soon…



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