Top 5 things to Eat & Drink in Niagara Falls, Canada

By: Steve aka “Trade-in”

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!! A long overdue post, so I figured I would drop it on Thanksgiving Day for our friends up north.

We took a trip this August to Niagara Falls, and had a room with a great view of the falls:

Interesting Fact:  Niagara Falls will eventually disappear into Lake Erie due to erosion.  But don’ worry:  You’ll have about 25,000 years to squeeze in a trip to the falls before that happens.

Because this was a family trip, I only managed to sneak in 9 holes with my father-in-law, but it was a unique experience. We played the oldest existing golf course in North America, Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club, which is right on Lake Ontario. I highly recommend playing a round there if you get a chance. Here is the link to their website:

Now, on to the food and drink… a side note: It was hard to find recommendations on where to eat in Niagara, and there are lots of chains. I think there are 8 IHOPs within a 5 mile radius, and I couldn’t find a place for poutine!!!! Maybe I am missing something…

1. Canadian Beer: I find Canadian beer to put way less emphasis on hops, and more on drinkability… a nice respite from the bold hoppy flavors of American craft beer. In addition to the standard Molson, Moosehead etc… Check out Niagara Falls brewing company. Great place in Clifton Hill to grab a craft brew and a bite to eat.

2. Pancakes and maple syrup: Did you know Canada has a strategic maple syrup reserve??? These folks take syrup seriously… Check out the Blue Line Diner for a truly Canadian experience, and some great pancakes and maple syrup. The place is owned and operated by former NHLer Marcel Dionne.

3. Canadian sweets: Beaver Tails are a Canadian tradition that I had never heard of before stopping for dessert in Clifton Hill… I don’t know why these delicious elephant ear type desserts aren’t sold on every street corner. The traditional style is cinnamon & sugar, but you can get many other decadent toppings. Also, try Canadian candy, they have all types of fun stuff (my favorite is Coffee Crisp).

4. The 19th Hole Patio at Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club: I had something called peameal for the first time in the form of a BBQ sandwich, and it was outstanding. Especially while enjoying a view of Lake Ontario and Fort Niagara. Stop by after your round, for some food and drink you won’t be disappointed.

5. Ketchup Chips: Yes, ketchup chips. Ketchup chips=Mind blown… go get yourself a bag, they are now available in the States!

Don’t forget to ride the Hornblower boat, it is amazing. Oh, and P.S. Bring an extra credit card, because this place is expensive!!!

Cheers, Canada!!!

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