9 Michigan Beers for a Back 9 Rally

Bell’s Oberon

By: Back9Rally

Disclaimer: This post in no way endorses drinking all 9 of these beers on the back 9 lol…. but seriously PLEASE drink responsibly (designated driver/Uber/Lyft/taxi/call your spouses, significant others and/or parents… c’mon people no excuses!!!)

You just don’t have it today.  You kinda feel like you want go home and see your wife and kids, and sell your clubs on eBay….  Or, launch them from a cannon into a volcano and check yourself into rehab.  But just then… you realize that there is always the chance to salvage your round… Time for a Back 9 Rally!!!

A little liquid refreshment on the golf course can (sometimes) put you into the zone for the back 9. So, we have taken on the task of sampling tens of beers from the Mitten in order to provide you with the best 9 Michigan beers after the turn. Without further a due, here is the list (debate & discussion welcome)! Continue reading