An Experience Unlike Any Other: Happy Masters Thursday!!!

By: Steve a.k.a TradeIn

A long time ago (2005), yours truly got the chance of a lifetime… A clubhouse pass to Augusta on a Thursday. I was working at a company in Atlanta, and the owner for some reason couldn’t attend (I’m assuming he needed a heart transplant or something), and gave me and a co-worker passes.

The whole day was a blur. I was young, and I don’t know if I fully appreciated what was happening at the time. I was so nervous I wore my Kenneth Cole work shoes. I felt like I didn’t belong… and well, let’s be honest- I didn’t. Especially not in the Clubhouse, where we stood with our mouths open, drooling at all the memorabilia and history right within our grasp. Not to mention walking through a gauntlet of golf legends live and in the flesh.

The best story that I have from that day is that we were able to eat at the Clubhouse because of our Clubhouse passes. Wait, did I mention that we had CLUBHOUSE passes????

When we asked the host for a table, he turned around and said: Mr. Nicklaus, will you be using your table”? The Golden Bear said something like “no you guys go ahead,” although I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a minute- But whatever he said, he was cool with a couple of nobodys sitting at his table.

Hopefully, the Back9Rally crew will be able to experience Augusta together someday, although I think it will be tough to sit at Jack’s table again.

Get your Pimento cheese and beverages out this week and let’s all root against PReed!!!!



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